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Gray linen towel

Set of 2 or 3 BIG GOFRE bath towels. Made with 100% linen in gray. Extra soft, thin and

€60,00 EUR

Set of 2 or 3 BIG GOFRE bath towels. Made with 100% linen in gray. Extra soft, thin and not heavy!

What are you buying?
    1. Set of 2 or 3 towels big waffle gray color
    2. Stone washed for maximum softness
    3. 100% European linen manufactured in Spain

Towel set measurements:
Set of 2 towels: (small) 30x30cm + (medium) 50x70cm
Set of 3 towels: (small) 30x30cm + (medium) 50x70cm + (large) 130x170cm
Gray loose towel: (large) 130x170cm
Loose bath towel 70x140cm

Relevant information: Linen is a natural fiber that is alive. Our products are not chemically treated to make them appear more perfect. The way the linen is made (waffle) can cause the towel to shed fluff for a period of time which shortens the more you use it and the more washes you do.

Our recommendations: Customize them in the section embroidery
Bath towels of the same color are ideal if what you like is to have a complete towel set in your bathroom. These pieces made with linen are fine, they don't weigh anything, they dry very quickly and they absorb moisture very well.

-We recommend them to take them to the gym, spa or even to the pool-

HILL. s. m.: The best part of the flax once harvested, which is separated from the tow and used to make the LENZO.
From the lenzo are our linens, from European harvests, chosen from their places of cultivation and processing to maintain the origin and roots of one of the most natural fabrics in the world.
To make our pieces, we buy the linen previously washed in large drums, which hit the fiber, to achieve maximum softness, and Natural substances are added that advance the softening process. Therefore, it does not shrink and hardly wrinkles.
Linen is a sustainable, ecological and recyclable fabric. Antibacterial and hygroscopic.
All linen used in our production has an international certificate of conformity to Oeko-Tex No. 12.HBY.02843 by Hohenstein and has been tested to meet the environmental requirements of Oeko-Tex RStandard 100 .

Our bedding is made with linens of 170gr/m2, 190gr/m2 and 240gr/m2, for greater quality and extraordinary comfort. Some of our cushions are sewn with rustic linen of up to 350gr/m2, and our cotton-based linen towels exfoliate your skin in the most natural way possible.
We handcraft the most natural household linen , ecological and unique that today you can find in national production, being a benchmark in the Spanish market.

-It is the textile fiber oldest in known history. It has been weaving for ten thousand years.
-Linen dates back to ancient Egypt, having been found in the Pharaonic tombs.
-80% of the world's production of linen is of European origin.
-The Linen's role in climate change is fundamental because its manufacture is an ecological alternative to cotton. Being a natural fiber, it is ecological, sustainable and biodegradable.
- If you suffer from allergies or have sensitive skin, the linen fabric will not cause any type of discomfort, on the contrary, it helps the skin.
-It loosens negative ions that are the ones that heal. On the contrary, synthetic fibers decrease our biological defenses.
-Linen fiber has the capacity to absorb 20% of the moisture of its dry weight. Cotton only covers 8.5%
-Sleeping in linen is the healthiest. It has been shown that with linen one sleeps more deeply, rests more, improves mood and convalescence is shortened.
-Textile linen is one of the few fibers that eliminates and neutralizes odors in the environment, maintaining a Pleasant sensation that does not occur with other fabrics. It is so resistant that boat sails, tarpaulins, sacks, canvases have been manufactured with it..
- You would only need two sets of bedding for your life....