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These linen blankets are smaller in size. Ideal for sofa, hammocks or for the foot of the bed.

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  1. Option 100% washed linen blanket with measures: 145x200cm and weighs 270gr / m2
  2. NIKI option that you can also use in summer as a beach or pool towel due to its lower weight. It measures 115x200cm and weighs 234gr / m2
  3. Both blankets are washable at 40 ° C

Our recommendations:
Bimba blanket made with 100% washed linen stone for an extra soft touch. Its elegant print makes it even more unique and special. This blanket is designed to be used on the sofa or at the foot of the bed. Available in natural, mint green and blue.

A good blanket is a cozy and warm piece that you must have in your home. With a piece like this, you can give the style that you like the most to your spaces, from the most elegant to the most rustic style. We recommend that you choose the color of the blanket that best suits the style of furniture and decoration you have at home.



  • Wash our linen at 30ºC or 40ºC with a neutral soap that does not have abrasives or bleaches.
  • Wash your clothes separating light and dark ones.
  • You can iron it at 3 temperature points, indicated for this type of fabrics. If you want a more natural look, we recommend that you do not iron it.
  • Drying can be done in the tumble dryer at a low temperature but if you want to extend the life of your linen, we advise you to hang it in the air, it will dry super fast ... you'll see!
  • Always look at our care label, you will have it on each of our products.

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  • Mantita de 100% lino lavado de 115cm x 200cm de 234gr.
  • Tejidas con hilo de lino de dos colores.
  • Ideales para el sofá o los pies de la cama
Composición y cuidados

100% lino Europeo de 234gr/m2

  • Lavado en lavadora max 40°C (puedes lavarlas a 60°C pero perderán mas rápido el color)
  • Secado en secadora o tendedero
  • Admite plancha pero no te la recomendamos o perdeán la esponjosidad.
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¿Qué estás comprando?

Nuestras toallas o mantitas para el verano, nuestras NIKI que la puedes usar en verano también como toalla para playa o piscina debido a su gramaje.
Mide 115x200cm y pesa 234gr/m2
Lavables a 40°C
Una mantita de verano es una pieza acogedora y cálida que debes de tener en tu hogar.
Con una pieza así, puedes darle el estilo que más te guste a tus espacios, desde el estilo más elegante al mas rústico.
Te recomendamos que escojas el color de la manta que más se adapte al estilo de muebles y decoración que tengas en casa.