I search and search, sometimes I find and sometimes I don't... but everything is there, the best and the worst, or the worst and the best... one afternoon, months ago, surfing the internet, worried, obsessed, I tripped by chance, more than with a few simple drawings, with a different way of doing and understanding Illustration and Narrative Drawing... just like that, some lines aroused my curiosity and behind them... GURIDI!

PaBlank paper, is the most exciting moment of Artistic Creation, that moment in which no stroke conditions another, nor imposes itself on the next... it is the instant, where reason and intuition merge and are confused without explicable limits, so that the pencil runs in front of the hand leaving that mark, that trace on that paper that was previously white... it is the moment of greatest freedom, but it is a limited freedom , a joy of only a few centimeters, because on the edges, on the limit, is the abyss of a flat earth.

I contacted GURIDI and he had the generosity of the greatest, he gave me the best… he sewed with a single stroke the 7 letters of.LENZO… I already knew then, and so did he, that the seed of our project would germinate. With more time I discovered his book ABITAR EL HERROR – GURIDI (Editorial Gustavo Gili, S.L. – Barcelona - 2019), a true graphic delight, accompanied by a body of knowledge to which only true artists have access; because Art is the only thing that intellectually raises the individual a foot above the ground, no more, in this daily quagmire, where a yellowish, technological and superficial society stripped of content tries to impose itself and where the form destroys the background.

ABITAR EL ERROR - GURIDI (Editorial Gustavo Gili)

I say goodbye to you, GURIDI and I will do it with your permission, with one of your brilliant “Dialogues with my coffee pot, hot night number 9: To those who love me, kisses, to those who no, kisses, to those who smile, kisses and those who don't, kisses. Good night, kisses”.

From.LENZO… kisses…!!!

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