La silla roja dE.LENZO

The red chair dE.LENZO

For months now, like a backpack, I have been accompanied by the concern of how to prepare and how to carry out the Product Photos to present our first dE.LENZO collection… one day, wandering with Inés, through the warehouse of an antique dealer in search of objects and accessories, I saw it! yes, there it was! Cornered, very patient, as if waiting… a Thonet Chair (Michael Thonet 1796-1871) or Chair n°14; the first Industrial Design furniture, back in the mid-nineteenth century. Le Corbusier (Architect 1887-1965) said of it: Nothing more elegant and better conceived, more precise in execution and more excellently functional has ever been created... I took it without thinking, by intuition and almost without knowing What could it be used for…? But its very bright red color gave it personality and made it different. All of it, without knowing how or why, transported me to the painting by Vincent van Gogh and his Bedroom in Arles (1888), where common furniture and objects from a common bedroom come to life own, to remain indelibly in the collective imagination.

Days later, from here to there, when the Mediterranean summer imposes its law, crossing the Polop Valley at the foot of Carrascal de la Font Roja; one of the most beautiful landscapes of l'Alcoia; where the fields of wheat already harvested extend towards the horizon and offer a golden sea, scorched by a blazing sun, where the bales of straw, with their shadow thrown, are piled up to form an ephemeral architecture that will not return until the summer that comes… listening to the sound of stubble as you walk, I wanted The Red Chair of E.LENZO to merge, forever, with the color, with the smell of straw and with light Faint of the wonderful valley sunset...

The images of our napkins and tablecloths basic washed linen and frayed colors; black, white and natural. And of course, the tablecloth from the Menorca collection, with its great personality.


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