Textiles de hogar, unos regalos del día del Padre originales

Home textiles, some original Father's Day gifts

March 19 is just around the corner, and you know what that means... It's time to look for the best Father's Day gifts to surprise! If this year you want to get out of the ordinary with original, practical and comfortable details, at dE.LENZO we have great proposals for you. Discover our home linens so that your daddy has the home of his dreams. This year give softness, comfort and color!

Home textiles, an original Father's Day gift for your well-being

Yes, enough of the typical socks, ties and other totally impersonal accessories . It is time to warm up your head a bit and innovate. March 19 has to be a date to honor your father, so spend some time for an original Father's Day gift. Have you thought about online home textiles ?

As you well know, rest and comfort is one of the main goals of everyday life, especially when we lead such a hectic pace of life. Don't you think it's a good time to think about your daddy's well-being and thank him in a nice detail for everything he does for you?

In this sense, home textiles play a fundamental role. And it is very varied for all tastes, needs and pockets!

Gift ideas for Father's Day: pleasant and comfortable bedding

Within the gift ideas for Father's Day and home textiles, bedding is surely the main alternative . In our online store, for example, you will find a wide selection of items to achieve an unbeatable rest space: bedspreads, sheet sets, duvet covers, blankets...

In addition, it should be noted that all our online bedding is made from natural materials such as linen . Therefore, you will benefit not only your father with its multiple properties for rest, but also the environment.

Now that the good weather is starting, you could bet on a good set of linen sheets in blue, mustard or Mikonos print for the coming seasons.

Accessories for laundry at home, for the most meticulous parents

On the other hand, if your daddy is very meticulous when cleaning the sheets and other home textiles, he's one of ours! For this reason, do not miss out on visiting our magnificent laundry accessories , some gifts to make on Father's Day when our father is a hygiene maniac.

At dE.LENZO you can find multiple solutions such as: laundry soap, perfumes for pillows and cabinets, dryer balls, cedar rings... Your home textiles will breathe an intoxicating aroma!

Give towels on Father's Day, Renew your home textiles!

Yes, gift towels are also included in the quota for home textiles and original gifts for Father's Day. Do you want your daddy to get out of the shower and feel very soft when it comes to drying off? This is your perfect detail!

In our online textile store you will find very soft designs that facilitate quick drying without leaving moisture or bad odors for both bathrooms and kitchens. You can even personalize them!

Decorative cushions, home textiles to decorate and give away on Father's Day

Last but not least, we want to talk to you about our decorative cushions for beds and sofas . As you can see in our catalogue, our home textiles store has different very stylish and charming collections to decorate your different spaces.

You will have as a gift for Father's Day some super comfortable cushions that will give a natural touch to your home! Have you taken note of our Father's Day gift ideas? As you can see, at dE.LENZO we bring you excellent proposals to succeed on March 19. Do not stay without visiting us!

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