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Personal protective equipment (PPE) protects against the inhalation of bioaerosols. Surgical masks are medical devices (PS) designed to prevent the transmission of infectious agents from those who wear them.

We differentiate them by naming them as masks and/or covers to incorporate filters.

The reusable hygienic mask must cover the nose, mouth and chin, must not have exhalation or inhalation valves and must be able to be washed according to the specifications of each manufacturer but always within the regulations. It is completely closed and is already prepared to be effective against COVID19. Inside it has a combination of fabrics that makes this protection total. In the end, the idea is to find the perfect combination of fabrics so that the mask is 100% effective. Inhaled air largely enters the mask through the multi-layer composite and reaches the nose and mouth area directly. Exhaled air is discharged via the same path directly into the ambient atmosphere. Many of you ask me if our MASKs are bidirectional and the answer is yes, because the "protective" fabrics are in both directions; you protect and it protects you.

The cover with filter slot is designed so that you can insert filters that you can find in pharmacies, which usually have a standard size of 12x8cm and which are the ones that will really give you the protection. The covers are washable at 60ºC and all you have to do is throw away the filters once used or follow the manufacturer's instructions. You'll have to be careful because for them to be effective you can't just use anything... We're seeing articles where they tell us that you can put kitchen paper, a vacuum cleaner filter... Be careful what you read!

Bacterial filtration efficiency 91.59% after 5 washes.

If you want to insert your own filters you will have to buy the mask with a slot for external filters.

reusable hygienic linen masks available with elastic bands in large sizes and with ties in medium sizes. For small sizes, colored rubber bands!

Wash our LINEN masks at 60ºC in the washing machine.

You could also disinfect them in a bucket, mixing a 1:50 bleach solution (20ml of bleach + 980ml of water) with warm water for 30 minutes (WARNING, the linen could lose its color) Let it dry the masks at least 2H after washing.

Standard N0065 advises against the use of a dryer.If you detect any damage or deformation, you will have to throw it away.Because they are so small in size, treat them with care so that they remain impeccable and iron them to give them their shape.


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We handcraft each of our pieces and for this we need a period of 15 working days but this period is not estimated. Every good kitchen needs its patient...!

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Our production is centralized in Alcoy.

Our flax comes from different crops located in different European countries.

"Stone washing" is a process that is carried out prior to manufacturing where the linen is washed together with pumice stones, with the aim that when moving, the stones can soften the fabric to achieve maximum smoothness. This process takes about 3 hours.

On our website you will find the most common sizes but we can make any measure you need.

The textile industry is characterized by a form of cooperation in which the journey from raw material to finished product is often in another part of the world for each stage of production. This structure of strong division of labor is reflected in the complex supply relationships of all the participating companies throughout the textile chain. STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®: The objective of the criteria catalog is to compensate for the existing differences at a global level in the analysis of harmful substances. With the OEKO-TEX® system it is possible to identify and eliminate potential sources of problematic substances at each stage of the production process.

For interested consumers, the OEKO-TEX® label provides an additional benefit of proven safety in skin-friendly clothing and other textile products. With this, the quality mark is an important decisive element when purchasing textile products.

We have the capacity to customize your product if you wish. For example, we can embroider initials or a phrase that you like, you can even ask us for a special color that we do not have on the web at that time.

Yes, linen is a fabric that will pass from generation to generation and is also much more durable than cotton (which wears out more quickly with washing). If you take good care of it, it will last for many years with the same softness, color and texture.

Yes! We love creating synergies with other brands, magazines, influencers...etc

Yes, linen is a very soft and hypoallergenic fabric. It will respect your baby's skin. Linen has been shown to help you sleep more soundly.

Linen is hypoallergenic and natural, that is, it has a very low risk of causing allergies.


Linen wrinkles due to its low elasticity, but at de.LENZO we think that wrinkles are beautiful and natural and that is why we love them so much.

When you go to wash your linen products, do not mix light colors or whites together with other darker colors. Separate the clothes by colors. Respect this practice for any fabric.

Ink: Moisten with milk and allow to absorb.
Blood: Rinse immediately with cold water.
Wax: Refresh with ice and rub until it completely disappears.
Wine: Rub with carbonated water.

We have linens with different washing care; from 30°C, 40°C and 60°C. Check the tags.

We have linens with different drying care. Some of them we do not recommend tumble drying.

Yes, you can iron linen but our linen is beautiful, just like that, it comes out of your washing machine.

Ideally, dry it in the shade so that the sun doesn't make it too stiff.

Twisting it damages the fiber.