Decotips para renovar la ropa de cama en otoño

Decotips to renew bedding in autumn

There are only a few weeks left before autumn begins and at home we are already renewing our sheets with the aim of giving our bedroom more warmth. In today's post we have prepared some decotips for you to renovate your room for the new season. At dE.LENZO we always think of you!

Autumn bedding: differences between quilts, comforters and duvet covers

One of the questions that our clients ask us the most is what is the difference between a bedspread, a plaid, a duvet or a duvet cover. Therefore, we would like to give you a definition of each of them.

What is a bed cover? A quilt is a piece that is used to decorate the bed and give it a much warmer and warmer air. It is often used a lot in summer when it cools down at night, you place it on top of the sheets. It is important that you know that it does not have padding, although, at dE.LENZO we give you the option of customizing a quilt as a cover so that you can put padding in winter and use it as a quilt in summer. bed.

There are also traditional quilts called Boutí quilts, which, are warmer because they contain a bit of padding and since they are padded they already provide a bit of volume to bed.

The quilts are the stars of the halftime before the duvet covers win by a landslide. The lightest, the summer ones, fall short when it starts to cool down at night. The first days of autumn may suffice the piqué ones, which are still light because they don't have any type of padding. And when we need a little more temperature, we go to the boutí ones, which do provide a little padding, gaining volume and presence in bed.

And from there, we can start layering with plaids and blankets that will go up or down at the foot of the bed when needed. Because the feet are a point of conflict for many people, for a reason there have been quilts at the foot of the bed for a lifetime.

What is a bed plaid?

A plaid does not generally share the same measurements as a quilt. This piece has always been used to place at the foot of the bed. It will be part of the decoration of the bed and make a nice set.

What we like the most about our linen plaids is that you can use them both for the bed and for the sofa or they are 100% washed linen they are super casual and versatile.

What is a quilt? We continue the list!

The quilt is a quilted piece that you can find in many stores today. The bed quilt is usually used in the coldest months of the year and can be filled with different materials such as feathers, down, synthetic fibre, wool...etc.

Depending on your body temperature and your tolerance for the material (many people are allergic to feathers and cannot sleep with this type of duvet), you should choose the one that suits you best.

Duvet covers, a key fall bedding

A duvet cover is part of the autumn bedding, which is used to place the duvet filling inside it. You can find duvet covers of very varied compositions such as linen, cotton, silk....even polyester....which we do not recommend. We advise you to choose the fabric according to your tastes, preferences and body temperature.

The importance of materials when shopping for fall bedding

When it comes to home décor, we continue to see a trend towards natural fibers and handcrafted decorative elements.Buying bedding with natural materials such as linen and cotton continues to prevail over synthetic textiles

As we have mentioned in previous posts, synthetic textiles are those composed mainly of polyester, nylon and lycra...derived from petroleum. Some of their characteristics are the little resistance to heat or static electricity they produce. Synthetic fabrics can be irritating to some of the most sensitive skin. Synthetic fabrics are much cheaper than those made of natural fibers but, in the long term, they are not good for our skin, our rest and our health.

Buying bed linen that is as natural and sustainable as possible will improve your quality of sleep, respect your skin, and in turn you will be contributing to the use of healthier and more respectful environmental resources.

Is linen bedding only for summer?

There are many people who still think that linen is only for summer...we at dE.LENZO are going to give you reasons to knock down this statement:

-Linen bedding is thermo-regulating, which means that even if it's autumn and temperatures drop, linen will always maintain your body temperature optimally. If you still feel cold, you can put a wool quilt or blanket over it.

-Linen bedding perspires. At bedtime, each person is different...there are those who sweat more, those who are hot, those who are cold, those who find it difficult to fall asleep sleepers and those who sleep like a dormouse...If you are a hot sleeper and tend to sweat, linen bedding will be perfect to improve your restful nights thanks to its ability to absorb moisture and its breathability.

The colors that triumph to dress your bed in autumn

Personally, we love white and beige bedding because they are timeless, classic and much more sustainable colors. Why are white and beige colors so much more sustainable? When a garment or bedding is timeless, it means that it does not refer to a specific time or a specific season of the year, but rather that it is suitable for any moment and you will never get tired of those colors.

The white or natural linen bedding is a basic that you can combine with other colors to see your bedroom differently depending on the time of year.Combine white with beige is a soft way to enter autumn. Mixing natural tones is easy and effective.colcha de lino blanco

If you want to change and dress it with bed linen of another color, go for grey, blue bedding or even with mustard-colored sheets. Seeing white or beige sheets is very common and you can find them in any store, but blue or mustard yellow bedding is difficult to see and not many people dare. If you opt for mixtures, dress your bed in white and then add some mustard-colored pieces... The combination will still be very bright but warmer.

If you don't want to constantly change your bedding, go for reversible pieces, at dE.LENZO we have complete reversible sets that will give you a lot of room when decorating your bedroom and make your bed look more autumnal.. The ideal is to combine a plain with a print or a cooler tone with a warmer one, to cover all seasons.

How to dress a bed in autumn

If you want to achieve a "hotel" effect bed, use different layers when dressing it. Beds dressed in several layers are the best alternative just like we do with our clothes.

-Make use of super layers by putting plaids, quilts and quilts Use a linen or cotton quilt and if you suddenly feel hot, you can always place it at the feet as a plaid.

colchas de lino para otoño

-It's time for blankets. We can not only use it to put it at the feet, we can also place it to decorate the a blanket made with wool that is warm and make sure it has some big measures... that way it will cover you more.

mantas de lino

-In bed it is always highly recommended to use natural fibers , which facilitate perspiration, but perhaps more so these days when temperature changes are sudden and some days the heat can still catch us off guard .

Follow our tips and you'll be right! Visit our catalog and you will succeed!

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