El lino, un tejido sostenible

Linen, a sustainable fabric

Linen, one of the most sustainable fabrics, is considered a product "slow fashion"; a movement that supports a philosophy of responsible purchasing. On the contrary, the term "fast fashion" is the term given to a piece that has been produced immediately under the rule produce a lot, quickly and cheaply always having Take into account that the part is preferred for its economic cost, without taking into account the environment, the use of plastics for its production, as well as the carbon footprint it produces.


At dE.LENZO we faithfully support the slow fashion movement. We respect the environment from the beginning of the linen production until it is delivered to the place where you live. To do this, we work with linen of 100% European origin, with Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX certification, which verifies the manufacturing phase without substances that may be harmful to your health. In addition, whenever you receive any of our pieces, they will be wrapped in a simple way, with biodegradable, ecological and compostable packaging.

When we buy in stores belonging to multinational companies, we are supporting "fast fashion" and everything that this movement entails: chemically processed materials, production of synthetic materials such as polyester or nylon (derived from petroleum) and a production of low quality garments that will end up in textile landfills waiting hundreds of years to be disintegrated....or not.

Here is a graph of the estimated time for plastic to biodegrade.


This doesn't just affect clothing but the bedding you sleep on each night, the bath towels you use to dry your skin, the kitchen utensils you use to eat... plastic, today, is more than widespread and this is very difficult to stop.


All the materials promoted by the slow fashion movement are natural (free of chemicals and plastics), ecological, produced in an eco-friendly and biodegradable way... quite the opposite of the materials used in productions fast fashion. For example, linen is a 100% natural fabric, biodegradable and recyclable, ideal for responsible consumption.

el lino es biodegradable y reciclable

Our flax comes from different European countries, where the tradition of harvesting flax lasts year after year. Linen comes from organic farming, being a super resistant fabric that, compared to cotton, does not need to consume as much water for its cultivation. Did you know that the annual cotton crop needs 222 billion m3 of water and pollutes 50 billion m3? For example, 2,700 liters of water would be needed to make just one cotton t-shirt, What do you think of this figure?

el lino es un tejido ecológico

If you are thinking of consuming in a more sustainable way, 100% linen is a very good option, since you will know that it is not mixed with components from plastic and that the environment has not been damaged during its production. Using linen for your home has multiple benefits, so we hope that if you don't already use it, you'll start incorporating it into your daily life very soon.

I hope you liked this post about sustainable fashion!


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