Linen pillowcases

Here you will see the full range of linen colours we have available. It is impossible for us to have photos of all the linens in bedding sets as we always have new linens coming and going.

You can find pillowcases in different sizes as well as reversible two-colour pillowcases so that you can combine them with the bed linen you already have at home. Also the different finishes we make.

Linen pillowcases of European origin

Linen and manufacturing process certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®

Designed and made in Spain. Linen of 170gr / 180gr / 190gr and 240 gr/m2

Fundas para almohada de lino

Washed Linen Duvet Covers

Where to buy duvet covers?

Perhaps you are wondering where you can buy duvet covers for your bedroom or for your children's room. Today you have many options to choose from; from going to a physical store to buying them online. The only thing you should be clear about is what type of duvet cover you want. Keep reading to find out what types of duvet covers we have at dE.LENZO

Duvet covers for any style:

Linen duvet covers are used to cover the padding you use in your bed, it can be feather or synthetic duvet. This piece of bedding is one of the most important for both fall and winter. We have a wide variety of colors available so that you can combine them with your pillows or your linen bedding sets.
When you consider choosing a duvet cover, you will have to look at the grammage that we indicate (170gr, 190gr and 234gr) that will go from a thinner and lighter linen to a thicker one. Choose the grammage depending on...
If you are cold or hot
What time of year are you going to use your duvet?
What is the temperature of your bedroom
If your house is well insulated from the outside and what heating do you use. Do you sleep with it on?

Ecological and natural duvet covers

At dE.LENZO we only work with linen of European origin. Most of our pieces have an OEKO-TEX certificate, which indicates that the piece is free of substances that are harmful to health, chemicals or toxins that can harm our skin.
One of our objectives is to convert current consumption into one that is much more responsible with the environment; This is why our production is controlled, the clothing is detailed and the entire design, cutting and clothing process is carried out locally between Alcoy, that is, we promote work between areas close to our workshop, favoring the economy of the area and ensuring decent work and transparency; In this way, we are avoiding the great environmental cost of long-distance transport.
The duvet covers are made of linen, a natural fiber that is biodegradable, ecological and much more environmentally sustainable than cotton. In addition to bringing elegance to any space, linen makes your skin breathe much better as well as absorb moisture better.