Complete linen sets

The complete bed linen sets, made with 100% washed linen, are the most complete. It includes:
Duvet cover, fitted sheet and 2 pillowcases in the size of your choice.
Soft and skin-friendly bed linen.
Linen and manufacturing with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification
Cut, designed and made in Spain. 170gr / 180gr / 190gr and 240 gr/m2
If you are looking for bed linen that is soft, quality and that has great durability, you are in the right place.

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    Linen duvet covers and much more!

    Linen duvet covers and much more!

    Here you can find linen bedding for your bed and in this section we have complete sets that, in addition to including a linen duvet cover, include a fitted sheet and pillowcases for your bed to the extent you want. Linen is a natural and ecological fiber suitable for both summer and winter thanks to its multiple properties such as: regulation of body temperature, moisture and sweat control, respect for the skin and it is ideal for people with allergies.
    At dE.LENZO we make complete sets because it is much more comfortable and beautiful to have the complete linen set. Having a bed dressed entirely in linen is a pleasure and a pleasure. What did we want to achieve with this? We wanted anyone who is passionate and in love with linen to have a complete set of linen bedding, a set made entirely in Spain.

    The complete linen sets are made up of:

    A linen duvet cover
    An adjustable bottom sheet (with an elastic that is the most!)
    Set of 2 linen pillowcases (to choose measurements)
    If you don't feel like buying a fitted sheet, you will have to choose the duvet cover and pillows separately. If you dare to add a top sheet, we suggest you look at all the options you have in the SHEETS section.

    Tips when choosing your linen bedding:

    Look at the grammage that we indicate in each product sheet. It is important that you know that the standard grammages that we work with are 170gr/m2, ideal for all seasons with your duvet cover but, if you are a cold person, a grammage of 190gr/m2 (complete tabarca set) or 234gr/ m2 (complete sailor sets) will suit you very well.
    The style of the room and type of decoration that you like is important, depending on that, choose bedding that goes according to your tastes and needs that you have at that moment.
    We have a very useful size guide that you will find in each product file. It is important that you know what your size of duvet filler is and, if you have any questions, contact us at

    A linen duvet cover in winter?

    Uses you can give it:
    We have many clients who prefer to buy a complete set that includes the linen duvet cover instead of the top sheet because that way they can use it in other months of the year.

    And now when the temperatures drop, am I going to buy a linen duvet cover?

    Remember that linen is perfect for any time of the year because it not only keeps your bed cool, but also in winter it maintains your body temperature so you don't get cold and prevents you from getting hot at night; uncomfortable in winter and in summer...
    Linen duvet covers are perfect for their versatility:
    In winter you can put a duvet, wool, silk or whatever you have and in summer you can also use it as a top sheet...
    The complete linen set, which includes the fitted sheet and pillowcases, is the most complete.
    You can also combine your complete set with a cotton fitted sheet. You will not have the same feeling but it is combinable.