Como elegir mi mantel de lino adecuado.

How to choose my right linen tablecloth.

When you decide to buy a tablecloth you have to take into account several factors:

Ask yourself: what use am I going to give to my linen tablecloth? If you want a tablecloth for every day, you should choose a medium-weight linen that will make drying easier and will be "washed and worn", 170gr linen (some of our bedding) dries very quickly but is somewhat thin for table. Almost all linen household linen brands use the same linens for bedding and tablecloths, but as I always say; "You don't know if you eat in bed or sleep at the table" At dE.LENZO I try to have the table linens have different linens to differentiate the linen bedding and the linen table linens, I also take into account, That a thicker linen gives more body to the tablecloths. greater elegance and beauty.

If you want an all-purpose tablecloth; You can choose all the tablecloths from the LINEN TABLES section except the Marrakech tablecloths; due to its high weight since it complicates daily washing.

Second: What size tablecloth do I need? A tablecloth for everyday use is not the same as a tablecloth for family gatherings, lunches or dinners with friends where you are excited about a movie table.

For your daily meals I recommend a drop between 30cm/40cm on each side. Maybe when you search the product sheet you don't find your exact size but there are so many that it is very difficult to list them all, so you can get an idea of the price in a size close to yours and write to us to place a manual order for your tablecloth at measure to

Returning to the size: if you have a table of 0.90 m x 1.70 m, we will add +60cm (in the case of 30cm on each side) you would have to buy a tablecloth of 1.50 m x 2.30 m. All tablecloths on the website are possible.

But if what you want is a movie linen tablecloth; Buy it to the floor, long and flowing. In this case; If your table measures 0.90 m x 1.70 m, you would need to add 1.50m width and length in total, which is the standard height of tables. You need a linen tablecloth measuring: 2.40 m x 3.2 m. You can choose any tablecloth on the website except; MARSEILLE, TAORMINA MILOS and VICHY, which do not reach the width.

For all tablecloths, buy a fleece to protect the table and give you body and flight. You will see how it changes!

All the tablecloths have matching napkins but the colored tablecloths; blue, gray, brick, mauve, eggplant, green, they have matching napkins with various finishes. You will find the napkins in the Napkins section and you can choose; with hem, with colored embossing or the Marieta finish that will also serve as individual pieces.

The Marrakech Collection tablecloths are so special that you can't use them every day. These tablecloths with a weight of 240gr/m2 are heavy and if you make them long for a large table, they will still weigh you more and above all; wet.

Buy a Marrakech tablecloth for special occasions, to decorate your table in a spectacular way and don't forget to add the matching napkins from the Marrakech collection, which can be the same color as the tablecloth or combine many colors and put them in's very fun. You have the normal size of 40x50cm and the XL size, which makes them even more beautiful. In this collection, it is recommended to use the dryer for the final touch, which will leave you with ideal fringes and NEVER iron it or you will take away the grace of its casualness.

All our tablecloths can be machine washed, tumble dried and if you want (although I never recommend it) ironed.

Another day I will tell you about linen placemats and linen table runners to combine with the tablecloths.

Greetings from Alcoy!


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