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Tablecloths and measurements

Has it ever happened to you that you've gone to a store looking for a tablecloth and none has fit the size of your table? Have you desperately looked for a store, either physical or online, where they could make you a custom tablecloth?
In today's post we want to talk to you (or rather write) about the measurements of the tables and consequently the most suitable tablecloths for each of them. Whether you have a round, rectangular or square table, this post will interest you. Read on!

Custom tablecloths according to your type of table

Honestly, we hadn't thought about the types of tables and their measurements until we started the adventure of the brand. Now, we can say that we are all experts in seeing a table and knowing which tablecloth is ideal.
Let's start with the basics: types of tables and their characteristics.

Tablecloth for rectangular table:

Rectangular tables are perfect for more family lunches or dinners or to invite some friends over, since they have space for six or more people. Many of you will even have an expandable rectangular table (I remember that my grandmother had one and every time we were more family than normal, she opened it so that we could all fit).

Tablecloth for square table:

It is one of the most common tables (they usually have space for 4 or 8 people) and at dE.LENZO we usually receive many questions about tablecloth measurements for this type of table. Depending on the size of the table, we recommend one type of tablecloth or another. If it is a small square table, we really like placemats in another color to match the napkins; they have a much more casual air.

Round table cloth:

The size of a round table is based on the diameter. There are two standard tablecloth sizes for these types of tables. A tablecloth of 178 cm will cover a table 111 and 152 cm in diameter, which has a space for about 4 or 6 people. A 228 cm tablecloth covers a table between 152 and 198 cm in diameter and has space to seat 6 to 8 people.

Oval tablecloth:

An oval table is one that has curved sides and rounded edges. We recommend that if you cannot find table linen for an oval table, you use one for a rectangular table or, you can ask us so that we can make it to measure.

Personalized tablecloths, our recommendations

1.We especially like linen tablecloths that hang (and quite a lot). If you have a linen tablecloth, it should look good on any table, which is why we recommend that when you buy it or order it on request, ask for it to have a drop of at least 30 or 40cm (There are clients who like it to drop up to soil). Our pieces have a beautiful wrinkle, natural to this fabric and also, when falling, the shapes it makes are elegant and give your table an incredible vibe...

2.Choose the tablecloth depending on the type of table you have but also depending on the decoration of your living room or dining room. We at dE.LENZO have many types of tablecloths (see more tablecloths at delenzo); from the most classic to the most hippie and special.

3.If you are going to order a made-to-measure tablecloth, seek advice from people who have experience in household linen and clothing.

Until the next post,

NOTE: "Photo credits Menorca tablecloth @decoralinks"

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