¡Nuestros trucos para cuidar tus sábanas de lino!

Our tricks to take care of your linen sheets!

These simple tricks will help you take care of your linen sheets and they will surely make your life a little easier... They are the ones that we apply at home on a daily basis with regard to washing , drying and ironing Shall we start?

1. Wash the linen sheets

How to wash linen sheets? The first thing you should do is pay attention to the washing symbols indicated by the brand, in our case, we tell you to wash your linen pieces at a maximum of 40 degrees so that they do not lose their color or get damaged over time. the washes (If you wash with very hot water, the piece of linen loses its fiber). In this way, you will ensure that it continues to have that durability and resistance over time.

The trick to a good wash is the detergent you use and the softener, since this will keep its color, stains go away without problems and also give it that smell that permeates the linen that we love. . You have to take into account the hardness of the water too as, believe it or not, this will affect the softness of the sheet.

Best detergent for sheets

According to the OCU, "The best detergent as of 2020 is that of FORMIL with a score obtained after its analysis of 66 points out of 100, it also prevents the darkening of fabrics and acts against all types of stains "

You can find that detergent at LIDL.

Best fabric softener for sheets

According to the OCU, "The best fabric softener as of 2020 is Mimosín Jazmín Softener Concentrate. Among the features that make it a great purchase is that it allows color and shine to be maintained, and garments dry more fast, maintains ideal softness on all garments and can be used in 58 washes"

If you're generous with the fabric softener, your sheets will smell much better and be much softer!

"In the styling images by Carmen Figueras for El Mueble magazine April 2020 Edition. With products Mint green linen sheet set, pink Niki towel and duvet cover with pink sailor stripes"

2. How to dry linen sheets

We have the washing step done, now next we need to dry them. We imagine that the first thing you can think of if you have a clothesline is to lay them out in the sun so that they dry before, right? Well, we have to tell you that the sun is dangerous because, if you hang them out in the sun for a long time, in the end they can lose their color little by little.

To take good care of your linen sheet sets, what you have to do is fold them (if you have a small clothesline) and then stretch them well so that when they dry they do not form wrinkles. On the contrary, if you have a larger clothesline, spread them out but they are not wrinkled. Do not put them in the sun, but in the shade, so that they retain their properties for a long time.

What if I prefer to tumble dry them?

If you are a person who likes to put your household clothes in the dryer, you can do it but at a low temperature and no more than 60 minutes. What the dryer does is that it speeds up the softening process and when you take the sheets out you will have them very very soft and they will smell very good. Like everything, if you abuse it, your linen garment may not last for so many years...

I need to dry clean, can I do it?

Our linen admits dry cleaning with perchloroethylene but it is a very polluting process and we do not recommend doing it. If you have the need to dry clean, why not consider the alternative of wet cleaning?

3.Do linen sheets need to be ironed?

A lot of our followers on Instagram tell us that they love linen but that they are too lazy to have to iron the sheets because they can't stand to see the wrinkles... to which we reply that:

A. Personally, we don't iron because we don't like it, if a shirt needs to be ironed that's too bad if we iron it, but generally we don't iron sheets because we love wrinkling natural linen, especially after it has been laid out and dried.

B. If you are determined to iron the sheets, you should know that you can do it without any problem. Many irons (especially the most modern ones) have different ironing modes depending on the fabric... It's super comfortable! Our trick? Iron them when they are still damp and the more steam, the easier the crease will come out.

C. A mistake NOT to do with linen sheets is to iron them and immediately fold and put them away....ERROR ERROR ERROR.....Ironed linen sheets will catch the way that you give thanks to the fiber, that is, the fold mark will remain on the sheet itself and then it will be very ugly.... The solution? Iron them and then put them back on the bed and you will have a set of linen sheets super nice, soft, with drape and made with love by us....

We hope our tips have helped you, put them into practice!

A hug,

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