Cómo lavar, secar y planchar el lino

How to wash, dry and iron linen

How to wash, dry and iron our linens? We share a guide to the basic care you should follow. It is easier than you think. Here you can see a small summary.

como cuidar una prenda de lino


In this section we are going to explain how to wash linen, something that, although it is something that we are always looking for on the internet to make sure, is never quite clear to us. We test all our linens, wash them, dry them at various temperatures and observe their behavior.

  1. If you have just purchased a dE.LENZO product, I recommend that, in the first two washes, you separate it from the rest of the garments or textiles, preventing the linen fibers from adhering to other fabrics. As a rule, always separate light colors and dark, so you do not risk different colors being transferred to your linen garments and preserving their naturalness.
  2. If you prefer to wash your linen clothes by hand, do it gently but never twist it with force, as you could break the fiber and deform it. Treat it with care so it will last for many years!
  3. Use a neutral soap; check the label that it does not contain optical brighteners; Specifically, optical brighteners are additives often used in both laundry and hand-wash detergents that “brighten” the white of clothes. These are not good for linen. I would recommend Norit by hand or Norit daily, but almost all the white brands in large supermarkets also have their detergents for delicate clothes without these components. You can wash both light and dark linen with the same detergent.


  1. If you line dry our linen, you'll be amazed at how quickly it dries. One of the properties of this textile is that it dries very quickly. We advise you to hang it "in the air" but not to give direct sunlight to the garments, since they can be "dry" and the colors can lose their vibrancy. Spread it out and it will be totally ironed.
  2. If you prefer to use the dryer, it is advisable to dry it with a gentle program and no more than 90 min. I use a program for shirts that moves the drum in both directions and leaves me with linen, just the way I like it; to waves. If you have the opportunity or use the industrial dryers in laundries, dry it on program 1 and less than 60 minutes. Industrial dryers work with gas and drying is different from domestic ones.


  1. If you buy one of our pieces you will know that our linen does not need to be ironed, since the natural wrinkle of the linen will look much prettier.
  2. If you still need to iron, look for the word LINEN on your iron (it usually appears on practically all irons) and try to iron it a little damp. I have a POLI ironing station, this type of iron does not have a fabric selection option; They are what they call smart irons. Our linen admits any ironing temperature, the only thing that damages it is the ironer; These are industrial ironing and drying machines, through which flat clothes pass under pressure between metal rollers heated by steam, gas or electricity, which rotate in opposite directions and whose purpose is to iron and finish the garment... It does not I need to say why they are the worst enemies of linen...

Linen is a natural fabric, anyone would say that it has a life of its own, you will never have a linen garment of the same size, linen grows, breathes, ages gracefully and therefore needs the most natural care possible. If you want to know more about our linen, visit the care guide.


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