Qué es la moda sostenible y cómo podemos actuar

What is sustainable fashion and how can we act

On the occasion of the climate summit held in Madrid these days, we would like to explain what sustainable fashion is and how we can act to stop climate change. Our objective was to write an article on how we should stop mass consumption and bet on sustainable fashion, handmade products and purchases in small shops... Well, here it is!
We know that it is difficult to run away from something that brings us happiness, facilities and comforts, such as buying online from brands that have their own physical stores or...being able to buy new season clothes from time to time.

Why buying linen bedding is more sustainable

Sustainable fashion is better known as slow-fashion and promotes the creation of a product from an environmental and sustainable point of view, that is, thinking about the environmental impact that production can have of that product.

Our linen comes from different European countries, and growing and processing it uses fewer resources than other fabrics such as cotton, which means that we use fewer resources that the planet gives us (such as water). Linen is much more sustainable because it is biodegradable, this means that it will decompose easily and quickly and will not pollute the land or sea when it degrades. In addition to this, our bedding is of good quality, which will mean that your linen sheets last a long time and resist the passage of time... What do we get with this? Reduce waste.
The plant from which flax will later be derived does not need nutrient-rich soils and hardly needs pesticides. To produce a cotton T-shirt or jeans, around 22,000 liters of water are needed. Our fabric promotes slow fashion, one that will help us repair the damage caused to the environment due to mass consumption in which we have all participated.

How do we promote sustainable fashion at dE.LENZO?

At dE.LENZO we create pieces that never go out of style, unique pieces for the home that you can place in any space of your home whatever the season. We reuse all possible cuts, both to make small samples and send them to our clients and to make other types of smaller pieces such as cushions.
We are always thinking about designing new pieces to always have something fresh and new in our online store, such as our new bags dE.BAGS made with 100 % linen. We know that it is a product that is going to be used on many occasions and that it will probably help reduce plastic (taking it to do the shopping and thus reduce the number of plastic bags)

Shopper bags en tres colores diferentes

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