Disfruta de un cálido otoño con una manta de lana en casa

Enjoy a warm autumn with a wool blanket at home

With the arrival of cold, the wool blanket becomes one of the best options to have inside the home, not only because of the warmth it can provide in the coldest times, but also because it becomes an ideal decorative element to achieve a much more welcoming aesthetic at home.

At Delenzo we give you all the ideas you need to choose your perfect blanket and discover all the options you have to give it the use it deserves and combine it as you like. Keep reading the post if you want to know everything!

Discover the advantages of wool blankets for the cold

The good thing about having a blanket made with wool is that it is a hypoallergenic fabric and, therefore, suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones such as babies or young children.

In addition, they have a little more weight than traditional blankets, which is a great benefit when it comes to keeping heat better, something that you should not overlook now that the cold is coming. On the other hand, blankets like Ovis Natural , have greater durability so they perfectly resist the passing of the years, so you can resort to it whenever you need it. Keep that in mind!

Ideas to decorate your house with thick wool blankets

The truth is that the blankets have many more uses apart from serving as a good coat in the cold seasons, and it is that they will also give a cozy look to any corner of your house where you decide to place them.

For example, if what you want is to have it at hand in your bedroom, we recommend placing our Green Aries at the foot of your bed to give it a touch of color if you have a minimalist room. You can also place it on the armrests of the armchairs if you want a more modern alternative. There are many options!

Choose the perfect size for your wool blanket for bed or sofa

It depends on the use you want to give your blanket, you must find one size or another so that it is not excessively large or small. For example, to use your blanket simply as decoration you can choose one that has few dimensions.

However, if what you are looking for is a blanket that can be used to wrap yourself up, you should take into account the dimensions of your sofa and your bed, so that it covers the surface correctly.

Do not forget the design of your natural wool blanket that you like the most

When buying a blanket made of wool , you should also take into account the design that you want to go in it, since one of the best options is to find a blanket that fits the design of your house and that is versatile so that it lasts. in the time.

On our website we offer you the Orientalis Marengo blanket, a clean and simple design that matches any color and style.

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