Este verano apuesta por la decoración mediterránea en tu hogar

This summer bet on Mediterranean decoration in your home

The Mediterranean decoration is characterized by creating warm environments, using furniture with natural finishes, striped patterns and having a color palette with a predominance of blue tones. This decorative style is committed to minimalism, simplicity and naturalness, so anyone can easily adapt it to their home.

So, if you are thinking of turning your house into a Mediterranean home, at dE.LENZO we give you the necessary keys to achieve it successfully. Do you want to know how? Pay attention to the next post!

Get a modern Mediterranean decoration in the bedroom

Achieving a Mediterranean aesthetic for your bedroom is much easier than you think. On this occasion you will only need a suitable set of sheets to completely change the appearance of this room.

More specifically, the 4-Piece Mikonos Linen Set inspired by the Greek city of the Mediterranean for its blue striped pattern. An ideal combination! Although, the Green Sailor Linen Set will also help you maintain the aesthetics you are looking for throughout the year . Keep that in mind!

Other ideas to include Mediterranean decoration in bedrooms

Another way to give your bedroom decoration a facelift is by using pillowcases like the Blue Linen Pillowcase that you can combine with any set of sheets with a striped print .

And, on the other hand, the Mikonos Linen Pillowcase that will be ideal with a set of Mediterranean blue sheets. In addition, with this small gesture you will be able to give this room a little more personality . You dare?

This summer bet on Mediterranean decoration in your home

Mediterranean cuisine, decorated with stylish tablecloths

Still don't know how to get a Mediterranean style kitchen ? It is very simple! We encourage you to bet on the Taormina Blue Linen Tablecloth that will make it much easier for you. It is a washed linen tablecloth that combines blue and white stripes and that will match the rest of your decoration. Is the most!

And, if you are looking for a much simpler tablecloth , you should take a look at the Blue Linen Tablecloth in the purest Mediterranean style. Don't let it get away!

This summer bet on Mediterranean decoration in your home

How to achieve a Mediterranean decoration for the living room for very little

It's time to decorate the living room! For this room we invite you to take a look at our Menorca Collection of decorative cushion covers, more specifically designs such as the 50x75 Linen Cushion Cover with a blue striped print and also the 80x80 Linen Cushion Cover for larger cushions. And, if you need it, we also have Cushion Filling to make it much easier for you to get the decoration you are looking for.

Now that you know how to get your house ready this summer, you no longer have an excuse for not getting the Mediterranean decoration of your dreams. Go ahead and take a look at our catalog!

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