Cortinas de lino y cómo elegirlas

Linen curtains and how to choose them

Many of you ask us about how to choose your curtains well and how to know the measurements you have to choose. In today's post we are going to talk about the beautiful features of linen curtains, which curtain to choose according to your window and what to base it on when choosing the length of this wonderful textile. Follow us on dE.LENZO!

The best fabrics for curtains

Perhaps you are wondering which is the best fabric for curtains... you must take into account many determining factors when choosing the curtains to decorate your space but, today, the options that more you can see in the market are:

-Linen curtains: We love the natural wrinkling they have and don't be afraid of them shrinking...just make sure it's washed linen and you won't have to worry about anything.

-Cotton curtains: Another natural fiber that is very good for curtains, there it already depends on the style you prefer to give to your space. Compared to linen, cotton curtains are less rustic.

-Velvet curtains: If you are more into brightness and softness, perhaps you should consider choosing velvet. Velvet curtains are quite thick.

-Natural silk curtains: They are quite elegant but, in our opinion, they are quite delicate. This type of curtain needs a lining, which is already an addition that you have to count on. In addition, cleaning should always be dry.

Linen curtains, the latest trends

When choosing linen curtains you should know that you will be part of a type of consumption that is much more sustainable with the environment, since the linen plant is one of the most ecological and the process of cultivation, harvesting and production is very sustainable. Linen curtains will never go out of style, and in our opinion, you will never get bored of them. If you are looking for an elegant living room that will not go out of style, choose linens.

Tips for decorating with linen fabric curtains

To decorate with linen curtains you will have to take into account some details such as:

-How bright (or not) the space is
-If it is big or small
-If you have a view or not
-If you have neighbors looking across the street

As a general rule, for small spaces with little light, it is recommended to use neutral bases and a lot of white, we like a mixture of white and natural or earth a lot. If you are looking for privacy without depriving yourself of light, choose a linen curtain with a medium thickness like our Ralph linen curtain in white.

Do you want to see the most different and special space? At home we really like to upholster some elements of the space with the same fabric as the curtains. In this case, being linen, we would upholster an armchair or pouf in linen, you can always choose a slightly thicker linen to upholster but as long as it is the same color.

If you have a house on the beach and the only thing you see when you wake up are the seagulls and the waves of the sea, without a doubt, we recommend fresher, lighter, light weight linen curtains. In this case, we would not care so much about privacy but rather that the curtain performs its main function: to block out the light.We must take into account the needs of the family, in the sense that there are people who do not mind waking up with the light of dawn and others who cannot sleep if a minimum of light enters

You will have to assess what you need. If you have shutters, the Peggy linen curtains are a great option, thinner weight, it has just the right transparency so that the light passes through and glimpses through it. If, on the other hand, you don't have them, it is or better to combine two layers: a translucent one for the day and an opaque one for the night, for example, combining blinds or screens under the curtains, with slat blinds, with flat panels like the Japanese...

Mistakes to avoid when choosing linen curtains

-Do not take into account what you have to "cover" from light. Windows that face north won't need as heavy a linen curtain as those that face south.

-Not taking action: How important it is to take action and how much it costs you! You will not be the first or the last to fall short with the curtains because there are many errors when it comes to measuring the space of the window to place curtains. An advice? Measure the height and width and then add 30cm to each side of the window to be able to prevent falls, open it comfortably and prevent the frames from being seen on the sides.

-Do not take into account the amount of fabric: When we make the curtains, we do it so that the linen curtain looks beautiful and sumptuous, because otherwise it remains like a "mucus" and is not the effect we want to achieve. When you go to buy linen curtains or other types of curtains, make sure to multiply the size of the gap to be covered by 2 or 2.5 –and even by 3, in the case of the finest curtains–, depending on whether you want a more gathered effect. or more linear. And don't forget to add about 10 cm more for the hems on the sides. Are you still unclear? We can help you, you just have to write to

-Not knowing where to place the bar: It's something you don't usually think about, right? Well, you're wrong... the rod is just as important as the curtains. The place where you place the curtain rod influences its final finish. Whatever the measurements or shapes of the windows, if the panels come out from under the ceiling they will be more stylized than if you place the support right above them.

-Do not add more fabric if you want them to drag: We have seen many badly made curtains and we have to admit that it is NOT easy, even if it seems so. Like everything, making linen curtains has its magic. You must have one thing clear: Do you want the curtains to drag you a little or not? As with the width, for the length the fabric must measure at least 35 cm more than the drop made of the curtain. (to be able to perform the upper fastening and the hem). If you want them to drag, add another 10 cm.

The color of your linen curtains according to your style

The color of your linen curtains can be very varied, do not think that there are only white and natural because there are multiple options to choose from. When asked if we recommend the color for curtains, our answer is always yes, but there are exceptions.

-If you have a small flat, avoid overloading it too much Bet on white curtains and if you want to give a touch of color to the space, take the opportunity to add cushions in light fabrics and light but cheerful colours.

-If you want to achieve an elegant look, how about taupe, gray or black linen curtains? It depends a lot on the type of decoration and where the house is located (countryside, beach or city)

-If you need to feel the sensation of having a larger room or living room, the key is to use soft colors such as white, the natural one that achieves that much sought-after effect. You can put linen curtains or blinds in an ecru color.

White linen curtains, no risks

They go well with everything, you can combine them with any color or texture you fancy, they let in much more light and it's not difficult to find them on the market.

Blue linen curtains, a lot of peace

Blue is a color that conveys peace and tranquility. Ideal for beach houses create relaxing spaces. Do you want to subtract the coldness of color? What you can do is combine it with other elements in natural color. For beach houses, we love the combination of blue and white in linen, of course.

Natural linen curtains, rustic style

Or rather called linen-colored curtains, they combine very well with colors that are within their same scale. We help you? You can combine the linen curtains with shades of pink, orange, red, brown or even with the olive green that we like so much.

Grey linen curtains, sophisticated color

The color gray for decoration has a very negative connotation and we don't really understand why... Do you find it bland? Sounds too sober to you? The gray color for linen curtains, like black, seems to us that it will give your home a sophisticated style and just like white, gray combines very well with different textures.

If you still have doubts about how to incorporate linen curtains into your decoration, contact us. At dE.LENZO we will be happy to advise you with the best of our models!

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